Need a Last Minute Halloween Mask? – C is for Cthulhu

Need a Last Minute Halloween Mask?

Halloween is right around the corner, and if you're scrambling for something to wear, here you are!

>>>Download Green Printable C is for Cthulhu Mask Here ( 1.7 MB) <<<

1) Simply download the delightful printable C is for Cthulhu Mask.

2) Cut along the edges. (Never run with those scissors, remember!)

3) Use a hole punch to punch two holes in the mask.

4) Cut a small hole in the eyes for you to see! 

5) Tie a string through the holes and adjust to your head's size.

6) Voila! Halloween is solved!

Adding a C is for Cthulhu Shirt will complete the ensemble, of course. : )

What's that? Not feeling Green?

Then download a black and white version, get out those crayons, and color the mask up any color you like!

>>>Download Black & White Printable C is for Cthulhu Mask Here ( 1.4 MB) <<<

(We just added two new C is for Cthulhu plush toy colors to our store, by the way.)

Another Great Use...

Can't figure out what to carve into your pumpkin? 

Well, that C is for Cthulhu print out  also makes a great stencil for carving pumpkins!

Here's ours!

P is for Pumpkin

P is for Pumpkin!

If you've already carved an awesome pumpkin this year, we'd love to see it!

Feel free to share with all the others on our Facebook Page.

Happy Halloween!

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